A Feast for Hungry Souls

A Feast for Hungry Souls

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Spiritual lessons from the Church's greatest Masters and Mystics

AUTHOR Susan Muto 

“This book is a banquet, and it should be included in the library of any Catholic intent on deepening their relationship to Christ Jesus.”—Elizabeth Scalia, editor at-large at Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

 These voices from the ancient, medieval, and modern Church have been the focus of Muto’s work for more than forty years and the trusted guides of her own spiritual life.
Masters such as Benedict of Nursia, Clare of Assisi, Thomas Merton, and Teresa of Avila will help answer your most pressing spiritual questions and satisfy the deepest cravings of your heart.

From the simplicity and solitude of the desert mystics and other ancient masters to the practicality and prayerfulness of medieval saints such as Julian of Norwich and Catherine of Siena to the relatable sensibilities of modern masters such as Evelyn Underhill and Thomas Merton, Susan Muto draws deeply from the well of the Christian spiritual tradition to address some of our most pressing spiritual hungers:

- The Desert Fathers teach us how to hear God above the noise of everyday life.
- Augustine of Hippo acknowledges the restlessness that precedes spiritual growth.
- Julian of Norwich reflects on the universality and purpose of suffering.
- Jean-Pierre de Caussade explores what it means to have a heart fully surrendered to God.
- Therese of Lisieux shares her little way of spiritual childhood.

In each chapter, Muto introduces a spiritual master who she finds helpful in meeting a particular condition or challenge commonly faced in the Christian life and places that master within the historical and spiritual contexts of their time. Muto then introduces a classic work associated with that master, identifying key themes or principles to apply to your own life. Each chapter concludes with reflection questions to ponder individually or discuss in a group setting.



355 pages

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