A Light Shone in the Darkness

A Light Shone in the Darkness

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This is the unbelievable biography of mystic and stigmatist Theresa Neumann of Konnersreuth. She is said to be the "most visited stigmatist" in the history of the Church and was a living testament to the "True Presence" as she survived on nothing but the Eucharist for 40 years. By combining both interesting historical background and amazing mystical experiences and occurrences, the author traces Therese's remarkable life from a child living in Nazi Germany until her death in 1962.

You'll view never-before-seen photographs of Theresa Neumann experiencing miraculous visions, crying tears of blood, and suffering the wounds of Christ.

You'll also read a transcript of one of the most moving and detailed visions of Therese as she was brought back 2000 years to tell us what it was like to be witnessing first-hand the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. A Light Shone in the Darkness is the most complete and fascinating account on the saintly life of Therese Neumann of Konnersreuth.



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