Biblical Fundamentalism - What Every Catholic Should Know

Biblical Fundamentalism - What Every Catholic Should Know

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Author Ronald D Witherup S.S., Ph.D.

Biblical fundamentalism remains a thorny pastoral problem. Not only do some fundamentalists attack the Catholic Church as anti-Bible, but also some fundamentalist attitudes have crept into Catholic circles and have begun to erode authentic Catholic teaching on the Bible. This book provides an overview on the origins, history, basic tenets, and problems with biblical fundamentalism and its influence in contemporary culture. It summarizes Catholic teaching on the Bible and points out both strengths and weaknesses in the fundamentalist approach to the bible.

"There are few pastoral resources that could be more welcome that this. Anyone who has had to deal with biblical fundamentalism -in their parish, in their family, or at the office-will be grateful for this thorough, thoughtful, and pastorally sensitive approach to the issue. Catholic readers will find here what fundamentalism entails, how it differs from Catholic teaching, and ways to deal in a Christian spirit with fundamentalists themselves."                                               Donald Senior, C.P. Catholic Theological Union
Paperback 21 x 13.5 cm
90 pages

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