Blessed Benedict Daswa - South Africa's first martyr

Blessed Benedict Daswa - South Africa's first martyr

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Promoting the cause of Blessed Tshimangadzo Samuel Benedict Daswa

AUTHOR Hugh Slattery MSC

Benedict is a martyr who gave his life in defense of his faith that witchcraft is against God’s will, a truth that is taught by the Catholic Church. He was really and truly a very ordinary man, an ordinary husband and father, an ordinary teacher, an ordinary member of his community.
What makes him special is his extraordinary witness to Jesus Christ, by letting his Catholic Faith lead him to stand up for the truths he had learned and lived faithfully.
This booklet presents the story of his life in a very simple style using comments by people who knew him and are still alive. This life and story shows us that Benedict is a super role-model that we as the church can and must hold up to as a true example of what it takes to be a real man.



112 pages

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