Creation's Wisdom

Creation's Wisdom

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Spiritual Practice and Climate Change

Author: Daniel Wolpert

Using scripture and theology through the lens of modern science, Creation’s Wisdom explores the concept of the Tibetan Five Wisdoms teaching to address such questions as: What is a Christian spirituality that speaks to the needs of people in an era of climate change? What practices can guide us? What is a helpful perspective? The answers lie in the elements of creation.

“The Five Wisdom teaching sees the five elements—space, water, earth, fire, and air—not just as physical elements but as holistic expressions of psychological and spiritual realities, what Christians understand as the attributes of God . . . . This wisdom, or spiritual energy, is available to everyone and unites everyone as it flows, much like the divine breath, through time and space.”

"Creation’s Wisdom draws on Hebrew Scriptures, the gospel of Jesus, and Tibetan teachings to navigate our strange new world with a spirituality that is embodied, communal, and elemental. When infrastructures are eroding, best get a guide that will prepare you for anything.”— Rev. Dr. Heather Murray Elkins, Drew University

Daniel Wolpert is a healer and student of the spiritual life.



161 pages

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