Going to Mass - Becoming the Eucharist we Celebrate

Going to Mass - Becoming the Eucharist we Celebrate

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Author: Jim McManus CSsR

What do Catholics do when we go to Mass?
In this insightful book, Fr Jim considers how our understanding of who we are a people and as a community is expressed in our going to Mass. Looking in detail at the various actions and prayers that are part of the Mass, he explores the rich depths of the liturgy, enabling us to comprehend at a more profound level what it is we are doing when we gather for the sacrament.

Contents: Entering the sacred assembly; At the table of the Word of God; Offering our gifts and ourselves to God; Until you come again; holy Communion: receiving and being received by Christ; Attuning our minds to our voices; The healing power of the Eucharist; God and announce to Gospel of the Lord.




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