Liberating the Bible - A Guide for the Curious and Perplexed

Liberating the Bible - A Guide for the Curious and Perplexed

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 AUTHOR Linda M MacCammon

Why the Bible is a spiritual and moral source for all people of faith rather than a rule book of "do's" and "don't's."

Liberating the Bible clarifies the nature and purpose of the Bible, examines principal stories from both testaments, and emphasizes how the two testaments reveal God's plan for salvation for all people and model how to lead a moral and spiritual life. 

The Chapters include explanatory side bars, study questions , and suggested readings. Accessible to a broad audience, Liberating the Bible is appropriate for undergraduates as well as adult study groups.

This presentation of Jesus as teacher and prophet not only provides common ground for Christians and Jews to recognise their common spiritual origins and to seek rapprochement, but stimulates appreciation for spiritual insights inherent in the sacred texts of all religion . . . 

John Hart, Boston University

Author Linda M MacCammon teaches Religious Studies at St John Fisher College in New York.



270 pages

23.5 x 15 cm





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