Receiving the Council - Theological and Canonical Insights and Debates

Receiving the Council - Theological and Canonical Insights and Debates

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Author: Ladislas Orsy, SJ

Vatican II was a seminal council, both an end and a beginning. It left behind intuitive perceptions in need of precise articulation and pointed to theological values in need of structural support. Bearing in mind that Vatican II was the conclusion of one era and the opening of another, Ladislas Orsy insists that the task of the church is to continue with both creative insights and critical debates.
Creative insights, though never the final answer, are the indispensable stages of development that emerge as we undertake the holy exercise of trying to imagine the best possible state of the church.
Creative insights demand that we think anew our perceptions of some challenging aspects of reform: the people of God, unity of Christians, communion, development, freedom, role of the laity.
Creative insights emerge within the crucible of the debating community, ’the sensus fidei’, at work to discern the true from the false with regard to such challenging things as infallibility and indefectibility of the church, synodality, collegiality, ecumenism.
This book is a gift from a highly renowned and deeply respected canon lawyer and theologian who was an eye witness to Vatican II. It is filled with well-articulated questions and intelligent insights as well as prudent proposals for good structures in the "house of God" that is the church.




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