The Apocryphal Gospels

The Apocryphal Gospels

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Penguin Classics

Translated with an Introduction by Simon Gathercole.

There is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, and nothing covered which will not be uncovered.

In the early years of Christianity, several groups produced "hidden" or  "apocryphal"" gospels, alternative versions of the story of Christ. sometimes these texts complimented the four canonical gospels of the New Testament, sometimes they subverted them and often they were completely different. Here, in the widest selection of non-canonical gospels gathered in one volume - which also includes two modern forgeries - we see the young Jesus making live birds from clay, hear his secret words of wisdom, discover gnostic cosmologies and witness the Harrowing of Hell. Preserved by their readers and attacked by there detractors, these gospels shine a fascinating light on the early Christian Church.





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