The Discerning Parent - An Ignatian Guide to raising your Teen

The Discerning Parent - An Ignatian Guide to raising your Teen

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The Discerning Parent - An Ignatian Guide to raising your Teen
Authors Tim and Sue Muldoon


Blending personal experience and practical advice with wisdom they’ve learned from Ignatian spirituality, Tim and Sue Muldoon offer guidance for Catholic parents raising teens and tweens. You’ll gain confidence to help your teen make better decisions, deepen the roots for your parenting, and relate to your teen in a way that reflects the tenacious love of God.

The Muldoons draw from their professional experience working with teens and their parents in high schools and colleges—Sue as a counselor and religious educator, Tim as a theologian and professor—to explain how the Ignatian practice of discernment is an excellent tool for the healthy parenting of teens and pre-teens. They share their hard-won wisdom as parents of three to offer you encouragement and practical guidance to:

  • Let your teens know you love them
  • Appreciate their gifts while accepting their limits
  • Put them in touch with those less fortunate
  • Guide them in choosing friends who will care about what’s best for them
  • Appreciate the value of their faith and going to Mass
  • Respect their bodies and make good choices about sex, alcohol, and drugs
  • Think about what really makes them happy

Daily and weekly prayers, devotions, and meditations will guide you as the Muldoons show how this is a time of discernment for you as well as your teens—and create a way for you to move through these challenging years together. The Discerning Parent offers you an opportunity to pause and consider your life and your teen’s in the light of faith.




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