The Flowing Grace of Now

The Flowing Grace of Now

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Encountering Wisdom through the Weeks of the Year

AUTHOR: Macrina Wiederkehr

    In The Flowing Grace of Now—her first book in almost a decade—Wiederkehr offers weekly reflections that reveal the spiritual teachers at work in your life, inviting you to listen to learn from their wisdom, and deepen your faith.

    The Flowing Grace of Now ushers you into the presence of teachers already at work in your life—teachers intent on helping you deepen your faith. These teachers are not necessarily saints, writers, or theologians, but rather ordinary people, events, and experiences whose presence already permeates your life. 

    Each reflection begins with a scripture text, leading you into the spirit of the week. A brief meditation on this scripture serves as a catalyst for the Word to take root in your heart and a closing prayer sums up the week. 

    Using this book as a year-long weekly guide can be an enriching opportunity to deepen and transform your faith life.



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