Were you there? Stations of the Cross

Were you there? Stations of the Cross

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Meditations: DIANA L HAYES; Illustrations: CHARLES S NDEGE

What can we learn from the son of the carpenter, the Son of God, about our lives and the path we should follow?
To contemplate this powerful re-enactment of Jesus's Passion - where Jerusalem is an African village, and all the characters are African - we reflect upon our own lives and burdens: family divisions, community clashes, poverty and racism, sins of commission and omission.
Where does our path lead? Even when things seem hopeless, we do know this: Jesus’ message and ministry, his suffering, death and resurrection, have fed and nurtured Christians for 2000 years. We understand the life of faith is ever enriched by the One who knows our sufferings, who has suffered for us and with us. This is our comfort and our strength.





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