The God Who Gave You Birth - A Spirituality of Kenosis

The God Who Gave You Birth - A Spirituality of Kenosis

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AUTHOR Cyprian Consiglio

Over time our ideas about God  and religion tend to match the stage of our own  maturity and the level of our own consciousness . In addition to our different  idea of God, there are also those who profess some form of monotheistic religion but worship other gods. the power of economy, military strength,fame.Perhaps they even use- or misuse-the name of God or credit God with whatever is gained.
thus, the  challenge for our time is this: how do we think of God as Jesus 

introduces God to us? While exploring Scripture, the thoughts of theologians,

Benedictine monasticism, Jewish AND Islamic tradition, , along with his own personal reflections,Cyprian Consigli , OBS CM, show us what it means to be church, to be follower of Jesus, and to be like God; to imitate the self-emptying of god and Christ . We are called to show the world God as Jesus reveals God to be: merciful, compassionate,healer to all.




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