Anti-Blackness and Christian Ethics

Anti-Blackness and Christian Ethics

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Editors: Vincent W Lloyd and Andrew Prevot

From police violence to mass incarcera­tion, from environmental racism to micro-aggressions, the moral gravity of anti-black racism is attracting broad atten­tion. How do Christian ideas, practices, and institutions contribute to today’s struggle for racial justice? And how do they need to be re-imagined in light of the challenges to white supremacy posed by today’s movements for racial justice?

With contributions by leading experts such as Katie Grimes, Steven Battin, Santiago Slabod­sky, M. Shawn Copeland, Kelly Brown Douglas, Elias Ortega-Aponte, Ashon Crawley, Eboni Marshall Turman, and Bryan Massingale, this collection speaks to scholars, students, activ­ists, and Christians of all races who believe that black lives matter.

Vincent W. Lloyd is associate professor of re­ligion at Syracuse University. His most recent book is Black Natural Law (Oxford).

Andrew Prevot is assistant professor of the­ology at Boston College. He is the author of Thinking Prayer (University of Notre Dame Press).



210 pages

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