Belonging - One Catholic's Journey

Belonging - One Catholic's Journey

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Author: Frank J Butler

Frank Butler has been an eyewitness to ecclesiastical power struggles over church reform, and later, a trusted advisor to some of the largest Catholic foundations in the world. The author’s deep faith, reformist instincts, and unique leadership experience provide an honest, critical, and still hope-filled look at the church today. Belonging will leave readers hopeful that connection to a faith community, despite the disillusioning failures of its leadership, can lead to a deepened sense of responsibility and purposeful action.

Belonging is a loving story of living and working as a lay person in the power centers of the church. It is a timely reminder that Catholicism is at its best when it embraces its central mission of being a voice for mercy, justice, and love.”—E.J. Dionne, professor, Georgetown University and senior fellow, the Brookings Institution “Frank Butler’s approach holds wisdom for people who are hoping to see a more welcoming accountable church in this current day of restoring trust in its leadership and institutional life.”—From the Foreword by James Martin, SJ



187 pages

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