Children of God - Storybook Bible

Children of God - Storybook Bible

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Stories retold by: Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Tutu retells more than fifty of his most beloved stories, artfully highlighting God's desire for all people to love one another and to find peace and forgiveness in their hearts. Many of the finest artists from around the world have been selected to illustrate the stories. 

In an attempt to create the first  truly global bible for children, the artists have been invited to portray the stories with the style and richness of their own culture. Their stunning colour illustrations allow readers to experience the Bible story as if they were there - with Adam and Eve in the garden, with Noah in the ark, with Abraham in the desert, and with Jesus on the mountaintop. 

Every story shows how God works through history, and ends with a short prayer, which personalises the message for each reader's own life.  Suitable or 6 - 9 yearolds


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