Concise Catechism for Catholics

Concise Catechism for Catholics

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The new Catechism of the Catholic Church has focused attention upon the need for Catholics to renew their understanding of the key doctrines of their faith. In this concise catechism, Fr James Tolhurst offers a clear summary of the teaching of the Catholic Church on Jesus Christ, God, the Church, the Sacraments and Moral Law, cross-referenced to the full Catechism, to the relevant biblical passages and to the documents of the Second Vatican Council. Supplementing the catechism are a rich section of prayers and a helpful subject index. An essential book for all Catholics who wish to incorporate in their lives the teaching contained in the new Catechism, this best- seller has established itself as indispensable for schools and parishes. lt is invaluable for all those seeking instruction in the faith. The question and answer form so familiar to many presents the essential teachings of the faith in a clear, comprehensive and comprehensible form. A valuable contribution to presenting the truth in clarity and fidelity, this work will be welcomed by catechists, students and those who desire an easy-to-use reference book of the Catholic faith. 



104 pages

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