Dignity & Justice

Dignity & Justice

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Welcoming the stranger at our border

Author: Linda Dakin-Grimm

"Dignity & Justice" tells the stories of people who have embarked on the treacherous journey to come to the US. These accounts come mainly from people in the process of seeking asylum in the US. They describe the difficult process of navigating the immigration court system for those seeking legal residence.

These personal stories are important, as they give faces to the migrants who are so often dehumanized by anti-immigration rhetoric. In this book, Dakin-Grimm gives us a portrait of people with names and faces, composed of flesh and blood. In this way we are reminded that the migrant is not some impersonal entity, but a person created in the image of God and worthy of such dignity." Matt Kappadakunnel

This compelling account of the life-and-death struggles migrants face in the United States demonstrates how broken the system is, and the deep harm that it does to struggling families and communities. Author and lawyer Linda Dakin-Grim, who represents children and families pro-bono in immigration proceedings, offers a proposal informed by Catholic faith for a comprehensive immigration reform and shows how ordinary people can contribute to solving this difficult and polarizing issue.

192 pages

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