Divine Blessing - Liturgical Formation in the RCIA

Divine Blessing - Liturgical Formation in the RCIA

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Author: Timothy P O'Malley

The author shows us how we can break out of a classroom model about liturgy and instead invite seekers to be formed by the risen Christ through the liturgy. This book will give you a process for preparing your catechumens and candidates to learn the liturgy’s symbolic language of self-giving love that will sustain them with divine blessing and train them to Christ’s disciples in the world.

“A ‘must read’ for those seeking to enliven and animate new or existing Catholics in their faith. His depth of wisdom, love for the liturgy, and recovery of the aesthetic sense of sacramentality in the church is an inspiring challenge to all.”
- Julianne Stanz, Consultant to the USCCB Evangelization and Catechesis Committee




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