Dry Bones and Holy Wars - A Call for Social and Spiritual Renewal

Dry Bones and Holy Wars - A Call for Social and Spiritual Renewal

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Author Brandan Robertson

“Robertson offers readers deft theological reflections on the biggest sources of our current cultural angst—social polarization, political corruption, spiritual abuse, ecological disaster—leveraging the wisdom of the Christian tradition to fuel subversive hope.” —Jonathan Merritt, contributing writer, The Atlantic; author, Learning to Speak God from Scratch

 “Brandan Robertson is one of the most astute young Christian writers. His compelling new book, deeply rooted in the Bible, shows how Scripture can inform the most

contemporary of questions, and help us lead the most spiritual of lives.”—James Martin, SJ, author, Jesus: A Pilgrimage

 “Dry Bones and Holy Wars offers a challenging biblical call for followers of Jesus to embrace the prophetic nature of our tradition and lean into this moment with radical compassion and subversive hope for creating a more just and equal world.” —Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Lewis, senior minister, Middle Church; author, Fierce Love 

 “As millennials and Gen Z are turning away from the church, Robertson’s message invites them to consider again the wisdom of the Bible stories interpreted with new eyes and heard with new ears and all coming from the same eternal source of love.”—Rev. Rich Tafel, pastor, Church of the Holy City, Washington, DC 

“Brandon Robertson has written a forceful and insightful book about the enormous challenges that confront us all—people of faith, and people who have lost faith in faith. Each chapter can be read almost like a daily devotional, but at a level so much deeper than spiritual fast-food. He writes with a pastor's heart and a prophet's courage. Take, read, and then hope against hope.”—Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers, pastor of First Congregational Church, Norman, Oklahoma; Distinguished Professor of Social Justice, Oklahoma City University; author, Saving God from Religion



169 pages

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