Light in the Darkness - Preparing better Catholic Funerals

Light in the Darkness - Preparing better Catholic Funerals

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Author: Paul Turner

 Although the Catholic Funeral Rite has not changed in the past few decades, society has.

Paul Tuner, paster of St Anthony Parish in Kansas, Missouri, takes a fresh look at the pastoral challenges society is posing, while giving concrete suggestions for implementing the vision of the Catholic Church's Order of Christian Funerals. 


Pastoral care: The person who died; funeral homes and cemeteries; the obituary, what we are doing; Cremation; the absence of the body, the three stages

Rituals: The Last Rites; Liturgical environment;  the Wake; related Rites and Prayers; the Funeral Mass; Rite of Committal; Musical selections; the role of priests

Toolbox: the Readings; brief sample homilies; handouts for mourners



120 pages

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