Living with Jesus - Faith: Source of Life Series 3

Living with Jesus - Faith: Source of Life Series 3

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Contents suitable for First and Post First Communion

30 lessons which include:  God loves us; God created the world; Learning about God; Abraham: the Father of God's people; The Prophet Moses; God's laws of love; King David; The Lord's day; Obedience and love; Purity and truth; God's tender mercy; Meeting Jesus in Confession; Jesus grow in age and wisdom; The Last Supper, Our First Mass; Jesus gives his life for us; Offering Jesus to the Father; The Bread of Life; Jesus comes to us in the Holy Eucharist; The resurrection and ascension of Jesus; The coming of the Holy Spirit; God's family on earth; The Communion of Saints. Word to learn; Prayers

Faith: Source of Life is a catechetical series of 10 books for school children. There are teachings and activities, questions and answers suitable for each age group. Also suitable for home-schooling.




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