My Simple Prayer Book - CTS Kids

My Simple Prayer Book - CTS Kids

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Compilation and explanatory text: Pierpaolo Finaldi
Illustrated by: David Belmonte


This simple prayer book for children brings to life well-known Catholic prayers in an attractive and child-friendly style, helping children to engage with their faith and encouraging them to pray. It contains simple explanations about the different prayers, helping your child to understand its purpose and the circumstances in which the prayer  is used.

Prayers include: Sign of the cross, Morning, Noon & Night Prayers, The Angelus, Confession, A visit to the Blessed Sacrament, Prayers to the Holy Spirit, Mary, the Rosary, Family, For those who have died, Prayers of Ss Ignatius, Teresa of Avila & Francis, Prayer to St Michael; The Five Finger Prayer'; The Beatitudes.

A treasure trove of prayers  for 7 to 10 yearolds



Colour illustrations



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