Pilgrim People

Pilgrim People

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AUTHOR: Clifford M Yeary

 What does it mean today to be part of a people whose very identity is rooted in the belief that they belong to God and that their lives are a pilgrimage of faith?

Pilgrim People is a journey through Scriptures that examines how the call of God has led the faithful in both Old and New Testaments to regard themselves as pilgrims. God's call sometimes leads and sometimes sends, and the destinations can be new and wondrous or even dark and dangerous. But it is not destination that transforms biblical journeys into pilgrimages. Instead, just as it was for the people of Scripture, our footsteps are set in the right direction when we discover that God is out companion on the journey.

Readers will encounter major landmarks of salvation history, all examined with insightful research and sprinkled with lively reflections on the contemporary call to every Christian to follow God as a faithful pilgrim.

"I recommend this guidebook for all companions on life's journey. The author inserts our own sojourn into the inspiring line of biblical ancestors who have envisioned their lives as pilgrimage. He shows how journeying with perspective offers our life direction, purpose, and deep meaning."

Stephen J. Binz



76 pages

23 x 15 cm




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