Turn to the Lord -An Invitation to Lifelong Conversion

Turn to the Lord -An Invitation to Lifelong Conversion

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Author Leonard J. DeLorenzo

God calls each of us to a life of goodness, and our yearnings to become more like God invite us to lifelong practices of conversion. The sacrament of confirmation is a pivotal moment anchoring a Catholic’s commitment to God. But do our current sacramental preparation programs really inspire candidates to turn toward the Lord? Leonard J. DeLorenzo demonstrates how preparation for Confirmation can be life-giving for both candidates and those who accompany them.

This book is for those who seek a substantive but accessible presentation of the Catholic faith, and who are willing to grow in their knowledge of Scripture and Church doctrines, all while welcoming God into their lives. Turn to the Lord: An Invitation to Lifelong Conversion presents to young people—or adults with struggles and doubts about their faith—a holistic, coherent presentation of the human and divine drama of Catholicism. This book is ideal for parents of students involved in confirmation preparation, family members of those participating in RCIA, and sponsors and godparents of those preparing for sacramental initiation. Fully initiated Catholics who are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith would benefit from this introduction, as would students in Catholic high schools or collegiate ministry centers.



154 pages

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