Unfolding the Mystery of Christ

Unfolding the Mystery of Christ

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Sunday by Sunday Formation of Catechumens

Author: Eliot Kapitan

The catechumenate is animated by trust. Seekers have to trust in new, barely rooted faith. Seekers also need to have trust in parish ministers who will guide them on the way. Parish ministers need to have trust in their Spirit-given gifts. Most importantly, all involved in the RCIA process need to have trust in the church's normative formation practice -- Scripture and tradition, mediated through the gradual encounter with Christ in the celebration of the liturgical year.
Eliot Kapitan presents an ordered method for preparing the period of the catechumenate Sunday by Sunday, season by season, liturgical year by liturgical year. If you have ever lacked confidence in your ability to lead the seekers on the way of faith, this book will help you trust that you already have all the skills and resources you need.

168 pages

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