What Have They Done to the Bible?  - A History of Modern Biblical Interpretation

What Have They Done to the Bible? - A History of Modern Biblical Interpretation

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AUTHOR: Rev. John Sandys-Wunsch D.S.Litt. D.Phil.

The Intent of What Have They Done to the Bible? is to account for the changes that have taken place in biblical exegesis since 1500. The argument is that this was the result of different developments both within and outside biblical exegesis. The "internal" developments consisted of work on the textual tradition, biblical languages, and the recognition of problems such as consistency, cogency, and coherence within biblical documents. "External" factors were amongst others, the development of secular society, toleration, academic freedom, a perceived dichotomy between the Bible and science, and a growing body of information about human culture in general both past and present.

Dr. Sandys-Wunsch draws on his immense learning to present in an accessible style the transition to modern biblical interpretation. He is particularly strong on the often-neglected seventeenth and eighteenth-century developments in Old and New Testament, setting them in their cultural contexts and making striking connections with contemporary issues. His work deserves to be warmly welcomed and carefully pondered.

                                                                    Rev Robert Morgan, Linacre College, Oxford.



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