Treasure in the Field - Salvation in the Bible and in our Lives

Treasure in the Field - Salvation in the Bible and in our Lives

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AUTHOR Robert A Krieg

What does it mean to say that God offers salvation to humanity? What is this salvation, and how can we become more conscious of it in our lives? These are the questions that Robert Krieg addresses in Treasure in the Field. While his intent is certainly to impart information and ideas found in Scripture, church teaching and theology, it is also to illumine our own experiences.

Krieg retrieves the Bible's teaching on salvation and expresses it in contemporary terms. Drawing deeply from Scripture, he defines salvation as God's gift of personal identity, of wholeness. In this perspective, God calls us not to invent ourselves but to discover ourselves as God intends us to be. Those who gradually make this discovery become grateful recipients who give themselves and their talents for the well-being of other people and creation.

"Robert Krieg's approach to soteriology is symphonic, like a conductor uncovering the hidden melodies of Scripture and Tradition, and drawing intuitively from contemporary  voices and narratives in a way that quickens the life of intellect and faith. "Treasure in the Field " is a book I will treasure both in and beyond the classroom.

Christopher Pramuk , Xavier University



165 pages

23 x 15 cm

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